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How to get a life changing, high-quality education WITHOUT breaking the bank.

Is College in Europe Right For You?

PRESENTER: Jenn Viemont, Founder & President of Beyond the States

TOPIC: Jenn will give you the information about the English-taught bachelor’s degree programs in Europe. She will walk you through details about cost, admissions, academic life, international experiences, and help you evaluate whether these are options that you want to explore. You are in the right place if…¬†


You would love to travel around various parts of the world.


You would like to have many affordable options for college.


You would love to opt out of the rigged US admissions game.


You aren't interested in the status quo when there are other options.


You are ready for life changing experiences!

Jennifer Viemont

Families rely on Jenn Viemont, founder of Beyond the States, to provide comprehensive and objective information about the European English-taught bachelor’s degree programs as well as the associated benefits and obstacles.

Jenn is a known expert on the topic and visits schools throughout Europe regularly in order to provide first-hand guidance on one of the most important decisions families make. Beyond the States does not partner with any of the universities, with the goal of providing objective information.