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The Ultimate Guide to Grad School in Europe

How to get a life changing, high-quality education WITHOUT breaking the bank.

PRESENTER: Jenn Viemont, Founder & President of Beyond the States

TOPIC: We will give you the skinny on master’s degree in Europe. You will learn all about options that are…


Taught entirely in English-no foreign language skills needed.


Affordable! Save thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Transparent in admissions requirements.


Great for future opportunities, providing students with a competitive edge in the job market.


Life-changing! Explore Europe while you get your degree!

Jennifer Viemont

Families rely on Jenn Viemont, founder of Beyond the States, to provide comprehensive and objective information about the European English-taught bachelor’s degree programs as well as the associated benefits and obstacles.

Jenn is a known expert on the topic and visits schools throughout Europe regularly in order to provide first-hand guidance on one of the most important decisions families make. Beyond the States does not partner with any of the universities, with the goal of providing objective information.